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Pat Travers Band, 11/12/17 with Tommy Craig & David Pastorius #photosbykevinrobertsWith such rock classics as “Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights),” “Snortin’ Whiskey,” “Is This Love,” “Hot Shot” and “Killer” is it any wonder that Pat Travers’ web site is subtitled “We’re Here To Kick Your Ass.”

Patrick Henry Travers was born in Toronto, Canada and started playing guitar before he was a teenager.  Music was abundant in his house, although he once admitted “Mom really liked classical music. Dad did, too, but he also listened to pop.  We had the Sing Along With Mitch Miller album, and during family gatherings, everybody would sing while my uncle played guitar.”

Travers established himself as a guitar god back in the mid and late 1970’s on a flurry of releases on the legendary Polydor Records label.  Today he is joined on stage by David Pastorius on bass and Tommy Craig on drums.  Still rockin’, still kickin’ ass.