Filled with seasoned pros, this band is hot!

The Matt Coffy Band has been playing the NJ and NYC scene for the last 15 years.  With a trail of steady gigs behind them, the band continues to build, winning over new music fans.  In addition to the 200 plus southern rock, blues, and classic rock cover songs the band has under its belt, they have also become known for their home-brewed, award-winning, southern-fried boogie original rockers that keep butts shaken’ and groovin’ all day or night.

Driven by his "Rock 'til you drop" attitude, singer/songwriter and frontman Matt Coffy has warmed up for acts including George Thorogood, Foghat, The Guess Who, Bob Weir’s Rat Dog, Max Creek, James Cotton, Black Velvet and a host of other notables during his musical career.  As a result, The Matt Coffy Band has blazed new sonic journeys into the new southern rock revival scene.  With the new album “Wilbur” due out May of 2018 and two recent CD's - “Above The Waterline” and “Scale Worthy,” one can catch a glimpse of the great songwriting and amped up melodies that have captured numerous awards and press accolades.  Being the fun and warm person he is, Matt, has had an easy time drawing people in while playing and singing on stage.  His influences are heavy into the BlackBerry Smoke and Georgia Satellites southern boogie "rock 'em until they drop" attitude.  An experienced and true performer to lead the band in its amazing live events, Matt puts on a great show.

The best singer/guitarist duos in rock bands feature charismatic frontmen and electrifying guitarists. Not only do they team up to write great songs, they command the stage when they perform live.  Like any good southern rock band, The Matt Coffy Band has its own ace on guitar - the legendary, one and only, Andy Fuchs.

Since he was 17, Andy has worked as a professional musician playing in genres from rock, jazz and blues, and any genre that's open to his amazing talent.  Andy's guitar style shows influences from "The Kings" (Albert, Freddie, BB, and Martin Luther), SRV, Robben Ford, Gary Moore, and many others.  Andy has had the honor of jamming with musicians as diverse as Les Paul to Frankie Yankovic.  Andy is also the owner of Fuchs Amplifiers, which manufactures boutique guitar amps and effects used by musicians worldwide, including 1000’s of well known artists like Warren Haynes and Carlos Santana.

From The Press:

“The Matt Coffy Band embodies everything that an American bar band is supposed to be.  Drunk on its own alcohol-fueled, blues-soaked rock, the Band delivers authentic blue-collar grit with no studio slickness or limp ballads to water down the dirt.”  - Whispering and Hollering Review

"Unlike many of the roots and Americana acts out there, the Matt Coffy Band knows that the real deal should rock like hell.  "Borrowed Time" scorches the walls with mean, bluesy riffs and raspy vocals; however, true to the group's classic-rock leanings, the track is melodic, wonderfully catchy.  Even more gnarly is "Poor Tomorrow," packing heat with throbbing bass lines and driving guitars.  "Breathing Life" is raw electric blues; you can imagine the smoke coming out of the amps.  The Matt Coffy Band must be a potent live creature because this CD definitely has an exhilarating live vibe to it; listening to it, it feels like you're only inches away from the lads, soaking in all the feedback."  - Ink 19 Magazine

"The Matt Coffy Band has energy to burn, and this record is relentless in its quick pacing.  Beginning with the rollicking boogie piano of "Particular Condition" to the heavy chunks of shrapnel on "You're the One," the Band just keep moving, and we're partying along with them.  The ’80s are often remembered for a flock of synth-powered New Wave acts or arena-filling spandex metal groups.  What’s usually missing from the memories of many MTV-addicted forty-somethings is the blues rock that managed to creep onto the charts from largely forgotten bar bands like the Georgia Satellites and the Fabulous Thunderbirds.  The Matt Coffy Band, with its rootsy, good-time party rock, could be viewed as spiritual kin to those unlikely mainstream crossovers." - AboveGround UnderGround Music