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Welcome to the 2024 edition of Rock, Ribs and Ridges.  We are committed to making your camping experience safe, fun and efficient for you and your fellow campers.

Please take a few minutes to review the following Camping Policies.

We are pleased to offer camping at the fairgrounds that is only a 3-minute walk to the festival area.

In early June you will receive a package in the mail from us with your VIP credentials (if you ordered VIP Adult - Weekend WITH Campground Access passes), parking passes, map to the campgrounds and a set of these guidelines.  Please review your package to make sure you received everything you ordered.

RV's may check in from from 5 pm to 8 pm on Thursday, June 27 , only with advance permission. In order to check in your RV on Thursday you MUST EMAIL Ken Staats at with your request. RV and camper check-in resumes from noon to 10 pm on Friday, June 28. RV/camping check-in reopens at 7 am on Saturday, June 29.  All campers and RV’s must leave the grounds by noon on Monday, July 1.

The packet you will receive in advance includes directions to The Sussex County Fairgrounds, as well as a map to show you how to get to the campgrounds and Camper/RV Check-In.  We suggest you bring these directions with you to the festival.

The cover letter in this package indicates whether you have been assigned to “Campgrounds West” or “Campgrounds East.”  Review your cover letter and the included map to understand where your campsite is located.

Once you arrive on site, you will be issued camping wristbands.  These wristbands serve a dual purpose for people who purchased General Admission WITH Campground Access.  First they indicate you are a camper, and should be allowed to freely come and go between the campgrounds and the festival area.  The wristband also allows you entrance to the festival area.  So please wear your wristband at all times.

Only people wearing camping wristbands will be allowed into the campgrounds.  No exceptions.

Also included with your package are Campgrounds Parking passes so you can park at the campgrounds.  Please display these parking passes prominently within your vehicle, so you can be identified and directed to the campgrounds.  There are no additional fees for parking at the campgrounds.

At check-in, please ask for the contact phone number should you need to get in touch with our campground supervisors throughout the weekend.

There is no “car camping” whereby your car/vehicle is within/adjacent to your camping spot.  Cars will be parked in a designated parking area within the campgrounds; the area for individual campsites is about a one-minute walk from the parking.  You are required to hand-carry your equipment from your car to your site.

Non-potable (non-drinkable) water, portable restrooms and garbage cans will be provided.

Showers are available in the restroom building within the festival grounds.  PLEASE NOTE that these showers must be utilized before 5:30 pm on Friday and 11 am on Saturday and Sunday, as the festival grounds open to the public at noon each day.

Outside food, beverages and alcohol are permitted in the camping area.  However, no outside food, beverages, alcohol, coolers or backpacks are permitted on festival grounds.

We will again have ice available for sale. We will set up specific times when ice can be purchased at designated locations throughout the campgrounds. More info on this when you check in.

No campfires or open flames are allowed.  (This policy is strictly enforced!)  However, cooking is permitted if you use small charcoal or gas grills that are twelve (12) inches or less above the ground (like you see people using to tailgate in the parking lot prior to football games).  In any case, please have a fire extinguisher near your cooking setup.

Pets are allowed in the campgrounds.  However, they are not permitted to be brought into the festival area.  Pets may not roam free throughout the campground areas.  If your pet is causing a disturbance to those around you, you will be required to put the pet in your RV or tent.  As a last resort, we reserve the right to move you and your tent/RV to a remote location if issues persist.

“Quiet Time” begins at midnight and extends through 8 am the next morning.  At this time, please no noise that can be heard by your immediate neighbors.  Generators must also be shut off at this time.  Please take the necessary measures to keep your pets from disturbing your neighbors.

Loud music, parties and anything that disturbs neighbors or other campers will not be tolerated.  We do not expect total quiet; however, please respect your fellow campers.  No external speakers are allowed.

No golf carts power scooters, dirt bikes, bicycles, or ATVs are allowed on site.  No cruising on motorcycles or in vehicles within the campground or parking lots.  Violators will be removed.

No vending is allowed in the campground.  Violators will be removed from the premises.

In the event of severe weather, a warning will be issued throughout the campgrounds.  If such a warning is given, campers must secure their campsites and return to their vehicles or seek shelter under cover at a permanent structure at the fairgrounds.  Please follow any instructions given.

The campground managers and/or 24-hour security will keep an eye on the camping area, but please take pains to secure your individual campsite.

Security officers, The Sussex County Sheriff's Department and New Jersey State Police have the authority to make arrests and evict campers and festival-goers from the site without refund for any action that is in violation of law or that could jeopardize the safety or enjoyment of the event by others.  All state and local laws will be enforced by law enforcement personnel, including under age drinking.


If you are bringing an RV, you must purchase an RV pass in addition to your Adult - Weekend WITH Campground Access passes (either General Admission or VIP).

An RV is any vehicle equal to or larger than a 15-passenger van.  All oversized vehicles, trailers, campers that are towed, and buses are considered RV’s.  These vehicles need an RV Pass.

RV campsites are 40’ deep X 20’ wide.  All RV’s will be assigned a specific site in advance in either “Campgrounds West” or “Campgrounds East.”

Please bring an outdoor-rated 75 foot electrical cord in case your RV is situated a distance from the electrical box.

Looking to park your RV next to your friends?  There’s a place to indicate your preference when you’re buying your RV Pass online.  Or e-mail us at with your request or change.

20, 30 and 50-amp electrical service is available in Campgrounds East.  However, the number of 50-amp hookups is limited, so please order early.  Campgrounds West only has 20-amp electrical service.

All RV’s have access to a water spigot (gravity feed) and to the waste water dump site on the festival grounds (you empty your own waste tank). If you need to purge your waste water over the weekend or before you leave the festival grounds, you will be directed to the dump station on the fairgrounds.  Campers are responsible for their own dumping.  If you desire, you can make arrangements with our portable toilet company to have them pump out your waste water tank on Sunday morning, June 30.  The contact information for this service will be included in the packet we mail to you in advance.


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