If there’s one thing Rickey Medlocke can’t do, it’s sit still. The Blackfoot co-founder and legendary guitarist is constantly looking for ways to challenge his creative impulses, and his latest pet project has been to shepherd the next-generation incarnation of his beloved Blackfoot.  Which is good news for Rock, Ribs & Ridges fans, as lead guitarist/vocalist Tim Rossi, vocalist Jeffrey Shields, guitarist Seth Lester, bassist John W. Lee and drummer Wesley James form the latest version of this hard-charging band which will rock the house in Augusta, NJ on Sunday, June 27.

Blackfoot was originally formed in 1970’s by Medlocke, currently still the lead guitarist of Lynyrd Skynyrd.  Blackfoot has always been defined by their hard rock edge, evident on their most successful singles “Train, Train” and “Highway Song.”  In 2012, Medlocke recruited a completely new line-up of the band to continue the music of Blackfoot for new generations.

Most importantly, Blackfoot fans can look forward to a brand new album release in 2020!